Bar Mitzvah Discovery Course


                       Bar mitzvah club for boys 12 years of age this coming year.

                       The course will focus on the Meaning of Tefillin, Talit,
                       Jewish leaders, and the meaning of Bar Bitzvah etc….

                       The Bar Mitzvah club develops leadership skills,
                       responsibility and independent thought.

                       Chabad of Kendall's Bar Mitzvah club emphasizes that the
                       Bar Mitzvah is more then a beautiful party on one’s
                       thirteenth birthday.

                       The course will run for 12 sessions meeting.

                       The cost of the course is:  Hebrew School Students $300
                                                                 Non Hebrew School Students $350

                       Please contact
Rabbi Harlig for additional info.
For more information about Bar Mitzvah
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