Friendship Circle Newsletter - May 2018

May 2018

President's Message


 Justin Macia, Terra Environmental Research Institute


Joining the Friendship Circle was one of the the best decisions in my life. I first joined this organization like most people to gain my community service hours. However, it became so much more.  It opened my eyes to all different types of people I wasn’t aware of. It also opened my heart and I will never be the same.  My first friend was a non verbal boy named Brian. He was so kind, yet shy. I learned to make him happy and to laugh.  The sweetest day came when he gave me a hug and said “ love you Justin”. Needless to say I started bawling.

The next year of volunteering in the Friendship Circle,  I was on the President’s counsel.  I didn’t realize just having fun with your friend qualified as being a president. My new year at the Friendship Circle was bittersweet.  I missed Brian, but I had a new friend named Max. Max and I bonded immediately.  I said hi to his mother and she was so nice even though I could tell she was anxious and nervous about leaving her son with a stranger. I talked to her and reassured her I would take care of everything.  I could never have believed that Max would become such a special part of my life and one of my best friends. 

After just a few Sundays I didn’t feel like Max was one of my special friends, I felt like Max was a brother to me. As another year closes and my bond with both Max and his mom becomes stronger I become so filled with love and compassion. Max and his mom say I have given so much to Max, but it is really so much that Max has given to me.  He has taught me patience, faith, love, friendship and kindness. Again, joining this organization was the best decision I could have ever made in my life.





Sunday, June 3rd - Young Adult Summer Program Begins

Monday, June 11th- Summer Camp Session 1 Begins


To register, please call 305-235-5654 (ext. 14) or


Christopher H. 5/1

Mykhael P. 5/2 

Michael S. 5/2

Samantha K. 5/2

Juan G. 5/3 

Josh M. 5/5 

Cristian L. 5/6

Jarret A. 5/6 

Noah M. 5/7 

Ana D. 5/9

Leonardo G. 5/13

Parker B. 5/14

Elizabeth B. 5/15

Kayleigh O. 5/30 

Macey F. 5/31

Alvaro I. 5/31

Happy Birthday to our Friends!








Nechama Harlig, Director

  Rabbi Yossi Harlig, Co-Director 

Adriana Rivera, Program Coordinator

 Traci Levine, Volunteer Coordinator 

   Heidi Rutland, Office Administrator                      

8700 SW 112th Street

Miami, FL 33176




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Dear Friends,

      The Evening of Tribute honoring all the dedicated volunteers was heartwarming and inspiring! Growing Through Friendship was the theme and thus, we had the opportunity to hear from a one year volunteer, a three year volunteer, a six year volunteer, an adult volunteer and an alumni volunteer. Hearing their remarkable journey of friendship, it was evident that the seeds of friendship are thriving and blooming at The Friendship Circle!  Not only are friendships blossoming immensely, but the volunteers are being impacted for a lifetime! Once volunteers touch the life of a child, their hearts are truly never the same! 

    Awards were given to outstanding volunteers for their exemplary service! A video allowed the audience to watch the Friendship Circle in Action!    It was an inspiring way of concluding the Friendship Circle programs for this scholastic year. Although, Friendship  Circle is truly

not over!! The first week of Friendship Circle Summer Camp will run from June 11-June 15. Participants will have the opportunity to enjoy a week of friendship, fun and field trips!  To register for summer camp, please visit:          To register volunte insummer camp, please visit:

           The fun doesn’t stop during the summer This year, for the first time, Friendship Circle will host a Summer Young Adult Program during the months of June, July and August! If you know an adult who can benefit, please let them know.

     Friendship Circle friends also had the opportunity to shine!! At the Morning of Talent, Children’s Circle, Tween Scene, Teen Scene & FC Band performed! All the participants received medals & Sports Circle participants received trophies! Beautiful art made by the Art Circle participants was displayed. It was heartwarming to see all the participants perform!

       Surveys have been e mailed to all of the families in the Friendship Circle and to all the volunteers. Your input matters! Please take the time to complete your survey and let us know how you liked the programs and how we can improve!

     Plans for the upcoming year are underway. I will be in the office throughout the summer. If you  have any comments, questions or suggestions, please feel free to e mail me or call me.


Nechama Harlig





Latest Photos and Videos


Pictures from our website can be downloaded (right click to save) or emailed to friends and family. Click the link above the  images below to see all of the latest photos 

Morning of Talent 

Young Adult Family BBQ

Evening of Tribute

Children's Circle, Tween & Teen Scene


Sports Circle

Art Circle

 Friendship Circle Band

Life Skills Around Town

Young  Adult  Program


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