Who We Serve
Chabad Center of Kendall & Pinecrest is dedicated to providing every Jew regardless of background, philosophy or level of commitment, an open door environment for strengthening and enhancing Jewish family life.  Chabad serves individuals and  families looking for an anchor and non-judgmental, accepting, personalized Jewish experience.

Chabad offers Judaism with a smile, and a home away from home for everyone who walks through its doors. 
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Chabad Center of Kendall & Pinecrest is a 501(c)3 charity and all contributions to it are tax deductible.   All online contributions will be acknowledged within 48 hours.

This is your place - for family and community, for celebration and discovery, for spiritual renewal and reaching out to help others. This is a place you can truly call home.

Chabad Center of Kendall & Pinecrest serves the religious and the non-observant, the affiliated and non-affiliated, young and old and all in between. Chabad reaches out to all who are in need and assists them with their financial and emotional needs as well as serving the community at large by offering programs and classes for all ages.  From toddlers to seniors, all have a place and feel welcome at Chabad. 

Chabad is committed to strengthening Jewish identity, unity and commitment.  We cannot do this alone.  We count on support from people known for their benevolence, sincerity and sensitivity to the needs of all mankind.    

Although Chabad has a global reach, each local Chabad Center is run as an independent entity, supported solely by is local community who appreciate the benefits it brings everyone.

It took hard work to make Chabad Center of Kendall & Pinecrest into what it is today.

And still much remains to be done.

We invite you to take part in this magnificent project that will serve the needs of the entire community. Please join the special group of far-sighted individuals who realize what this will accomplish for thousands of Jews. Your generous support will ensure the continuity of the work of Chabad Center of Kendall & Pinecrest 

Thank you for being our partner! 
Every individual  and every penny counts. Here are some of the ways you can contribute to Chabad Center of Kendall & Pinecrest:  

Donate Online Now
You can donate online right now by clicking here and filling out our secure credit card donation page.

Donate by Mail
Click here for exact address info to send checks and manual credit card info. There's also an optional donor form if you'd like to give us more specific information.

Donate a Car  
Chabad accepts donations of cars, in fair or good condition. If you need your vehicle to be picked up we will do that for you at no cost. 
For more information, please Contact Us

Website Dedication 
Click here to dedicate the chabadofkendall.org website for a month! Share your occasion or mark an event with thousands of fellow visitors.
Email Dedication
Dedicate a weekly email! Share your occasion or mark an event with hundreds of fellow readers.

Donate Stock
Donating stock may be the perfect way to show your appreciation to our center - Your tax deductible donation is based upon the value of the stock on the date of transfer to our non-profit 501 © 3 and you will avoid tax on any gain over your basis. 
We encourage you to consult with a competent tax advisor, as this is a recognized method of maximizing the value of charitable donations.....

Donate Your Land or Property
By donating your land or property to Chabad Lubavitch, you will support Chabad and benefit from a tax deduction at the same time.  

Sponsor a Game
We are now looking to get more games for the children's programs.