Over the years, the Bar and Bat Mitzvah Clubs have become an integral part of Chabad and impacted hundreds of Bar/Bat Mitzvah kids. In the course of a year, girls and boys learn the significance of the milestone of becoming Bat Mitzvah and Bar Mitzvah as they share this fun, educational and meaningful experience with peers their age. We have gotten incredible feedback from parents and their children after participating in these educational and fun clubs!

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"I learned how to keep some of the mitzvot and keep kosher and I am looking forward to celebrating Shabbat every Friday and growing as a Jewish woman. I enjoy learning about the laws and had so much fun getting together once or twice a month with Morah Nechama and with all of my friends." -Danielle 


"I love this club so much and I hope Morah Nechama will continue teaching all these girls about bat mitzvah and why girls are really important in Jewish culture and one day change the world. Go BMC!" -Harlee 


"From the first day in the Bat Mitzvah Club, I learned that becoming a Jewish woman does not happen all of a sudden.The projects we did were so much fun, especially the newspaper runway to learn about modesty. Being in the Bat Mitzvah club has been such an amazing experience and I will treasure these moments forever." -Ilana


"Learning about Torah and mitzvot with my friends has been very rewarding. The meetings are fun and entertaining, while at the same time educational. I have learned what it means to become a Bat Mitzvah and have gathered valuable life lessons that I can apply throughout my life." -Leah


"I had a blast when I went to Bat Mitzvah club.There were many different and interesting topics and we learnt from many different Jewish people. We always have fun together and we have made a lot of great memories at Bat Mitzvah club meetings." -Megan 


"I was able to learn about incredible women that taught me many important life lessons. I was also able to learn a little more about religion by doing fun activities like crafting, reading and cooking. One of the things I’m most thankful for is all of the friends I have been able to make. We help each other during meetings and outside of them." -Noa