The Kulanu Circle Inclusion Program is a one-of-a-kind program that provides children with special needs an opportunity to participate in a quality Judaic program that teaches the Jewish way of life in a mutually benefiting environment, recognizing and respecting the needs of a modified curriculum. Before the Friendship Circle Hebrew School, Jewish families found there were no opportunities for their children with special needs to attend a Hebrew school, which especially made it difficult if there were multiple children in the family – having some of their children attending Hebrew school while their child(ren) with special needs could not. Here at the Friendship Circle Hebrew School, we bring to all of our children the richness of their Jewish heritage and foster pride and self-assurance in their identity as valued members of the Jewish community.

The Jewish rituals, customs, liturgy, and music are strong motivators, and when presented in a classroom environment that is conducive and respectful to various learning styles, our children with special needs thrive while learning about holidays, Jewish living, prayers, mitzvoth, blessings, and Hebrew. By building in the opportunity for inclusion with the other Hebrew school classes, both set of children will benefit from increased acceptance, stimulating environments, improved cooperation and tolerance of others.

· 1:5 teacher to student ratio. Each child will have their Friendship Circle volunteer with them, providing assistance and allowing one to one individualized attention.

· A conducive, well-rounded environment that offers hands-on curriculum, bringing into the Hebrew program creativity and inclusion technologies best suited for your child.

· Classes taught by special education professionals using various techniques and modalities including visual and tactile aids, music, movement, and art.

· Individualized for each child. Parents will take a lead role in working together with the teacher, ensuring their child’s needs are being met.

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Two of our Friendship Circle Hebrew School classes are privately sponsored:
In the loving memory of Moshe Sholom Ben Yudel Dovid – Dr. Morry Fox.
In the loving memory of Clayton Feig.