Prison Visitation

To the prison inmate the day passes by without reason. One day is no different from the next; an endless parade of time. The world outside is distant. There is little opportunity to develop, to grow, to change.

Chabad Center of Kendall & Pinecrest seeks to bring life and spiritual movement to one's soul; to bring a sense of purpose into one's existence. By showing a person's connection with the entire Jewish people, with the Torah and with G‑d, it offers a glimmer of hope, helping the individual endure the days and the nights, the inner isolation.

Further, throughout the United States, Chabad-Lubavitch is involved in prison visitation. The Chabad Rabbi will always be ready and prepared, lending a helping hand to the individual and his or her family, seeking out and focusing on the goodness within. The teachings of the Torah help a person become a healthy minded individual who knows that he or she has a vital part to play in the universe - even from the confines of a prison cell. This is also a preparation for eventual re-entry into society. For More info Please Contact Us

The basic Lubavitch philosophy is: Darkness can be changed into light.