Dear Friend,
As rabbis, we are privileged to be part of the most important events in families’ lives. We rejoice with you at your child’s baby naming and circumcision. We help prepare your children for Bar and Bat Mitzvah and celebrate together in your Simcha. We counsel them before weddings, and we cry with them when their loved ones pass on.
Rabbis do see much joy as well as tragedy. Yet, some unpleasantness can and should be averted. There need not be anxiety, financial pressure, and last minute difficult decisions about funeral services and burial plots when one is still struggling with doctors and debilitating disease.
How often we thought, if one could just find the peace of mind necessary to focus on family rather than having to worry about coming up with thousands  of dollars in one day’s notice.
That wish has been granted with an opportunity for us to buy our own burial section. Please take the time to investigate and acquaint yourself with the benefits that only in time you will come to appreciate.
COST: Advertisements have recently appeared in local and Jewish newspapers announcing an increase in price for funeral services. This comes as no surprise. In fact, the trend has been for costs to double every decade. Translate that into dollars, and in ten years you will be paying $6,600.00, and that just covers your plot of land, not any other services.
So look at today’s price, of only $3,300.00 and the guarantee that once purchased it will never go up. In addition, Chabad of  Kendall has also negotiated a special pricing plan for its members’ families wishing to complete their pre-need arrangements.
PAYMENT SCHEDULE: The best part of this low introductory cost is the payment plan that comes with it. All you need is a deposit of $500.00 per plot with payments of $350.00 every 3 months. After 2 years you’re all paid up!
HALACHA: The arrangement above meets all the standards of tradition and Halacha (Jewish Law) you would expect from Chabad.

A Shomer (honor guard) will be provided at an additional cost, to watch over the deceased and recite Tehillim (Psalms), as well as a qualified dedicated Chevra Kadisha that will prepare your loved ones with respect and honor. This will also guarantee that you will not be pressured to buy extravagant and wasteful accoutrements (i.e. brass coffins lined in velvet) and that the actual service will be conducted in accordance with Halacha.
LOCATION: A preferred location offering us considerable savings plus meeting all our other requirements is a special designated section located at Lakeside. Their personnel know, understand and respect our specific needs and Jewish standards.*
PRIVACY: Another concern many of us have with cemeteries in Florida is the flat headstones that allow people, workers, trucks and tractors to walk and drive directly over the burial plots themselves. Our plot section is:
• Hedged on both sides ensuring privacy and limiting access to trucks and other vehicles.
• Access to every grave is from a paved walkway, so no one needs to walk on any grass or over any grave.
• Traditional upright markers.
DONATION: In addition, over 40% of your price is tax deductible! Yes, you read this correctly. Not only can you help yourself and your family, you can help support Chabad at the same time. In fact, your charitable contribution of $1300 will be designated to our building campaign. This means, your decision can help build two eternal edifices.
We are thankful for the expertise of our good friend, Getzel Steg, who has offered to organize the project. He could be reached at 954-557-8439. Please call him to schedule a meeting or for more information.
Hoping to see you soon, and let us remind you of what our sages say: Making arrangements for funeral services is a segulah (merit) for a long life!
Best wishes to you and your family for blessings of good health, happiness, success and Long Life!
Sincerely yours,


Rabbi Yossi Harlig